Thinking of Joining?

So you're thinking about joining TFCs...
Here are some of the top reasons students join.

1. COMMUNITY.  This is absolutely HUGE to us. We (both staff and students) put a LOT of energy into creating a place where you can be yourself. We fight against the "normal" high school drama and social ladder. We're sure not perfect, we try to live in a way that there's enough grace for all of our imperfections. WARNING: IF YOU JOIN TFCs YOU WILL MAKE A LOT OF NEW FRIENDS...and they're likely to be really close friendships.  
2. PURSUIT OF GOD.  So we take this community and give it DIRECTION.  Imagine a bunch of your peers, going through some of the same stuff you're going through--all trying to figure out how to live life through the lens of their faith in God. We strive to make your walk with Christ something completely practical.  It's not enough to tell you to live for Christ, we'll try to help show you how.
3. MINISTRY OPPORTUNITY.  We're tired of hearing you called "the Church of tomorrow." We believe you can be trained to minister TODAY.  We want to help you search out what gifts you have been given (and YES, we ALL have been given gifts) and help you develop those gifts to serve NOW in your local church and beyond.